Belt channel press normal issue investigation and treatment techniques

Belt channel press is currently a typical gear for muck treatment, albeit the hardware is great yet support additionally should be more mindful, to fix not just expense cash energy likewise postpone creation, therefore, I have gathered for you the belt channel press frequently ten sorts of disappointment and the reasons and answers for this disappointment.

The electric control bureau can not be empowered, can not turn over the engine?

Reason for disappointment: Overload or crisis stop power switch locked, or assurance gadget began!

Arrangement: Check whether the insurance gadget is detached, just as whether the drive load is over-burden and regardless of whether the circuit framework is harmed.

The pneumatic strain measure can’t be changed in size?

Reason for shortcoming: Air spillage ready to go or pneumatic parts, or the air blower doesn’t begin consequently, or the air channel is hindered or the controller is harmed!

Arrangement: Check whether the air pipe is broken or tied, actually look at the air blower and pneumatic parts and fix or supplant them on schedule.
The principle machine stops consequently?

Reason for disappointment: The screen is lopsided and the insurance is actuated!

Arrangement: Relax the lattice belt, physically move the cross automatic locking filter press section belt to reset the center, lift the insurance, and afterward position the movement switch after ordinary activity.

The screen is running out of cutoff points or causing wrinkles?

Reason for disappointment: The redirection gadget isn’t working!

Arrangement: Check the gaseous tension, check whether the redirection valve is harmed, check whether the enlistment roller of the screen is slowed down from the screen edge, check whether the interfacing pole is delicate, check whether or not the chamber is harmed, check whether the avoidance roller is pivoting deftly.

The roller can’t turn?

Reason for disappointment: harmed bearing!

Arrangement: Replace the course

The water content of the channel cake is high?

Cause: Insufficient flocculation, or inadequate screen pressure, or quick channel press speed, or messy screen cleaning.

Arrangement: Adjust the soil valve switch, change the flocculation impact and flocculation fluid focus, and check whether the cleaning gadget is working appropriately.
Mud spillage on the two sides of the pressing segment?

Reason for disappointment: The feed volume is excessively huge, or the flocculation impact isn’t great, or the channel screen isn’t penetrable enough on schedule.

Arrangement: Adjust the ooze valve, change the flocculation impact and flocculation focus, check assuming the cleaning gadget is working appropriately.

An excess of suspended matter in the channel press or cleaning water?

Reason for disappointment: The penetrability of the channel screen is too huge or the flocculation isn’t adequate!

Arrangement: Replace the screen, check whether the flocculant is appropriately chosen and regardless of whether the disintegrated focus is excessively high or excessively low.

Helpless muck flocculation?

Cause: Incorrect blending proportion of ooze and flocculant, low convergence of flocculant, high grouping of slop!

Arrangement: Check the centralization of the flocculant, change the measurement and change the flocculant type and quality.

The right utilization of the belt channel press makes it simple for you to treat sewage