EDPM Rubber Membrane Roofs


Modest in Comparison to Alternative Flat Roof Options

Outwardly Appealing for Windows and Balconies That Overlook a Roof

Reflective Coating Improves Energy Efficiency and Reduces Heat Gain


Requires More Frequent Routine Reflection Membrane manufacturers Maintenance in Comparison to Alternative Systems

Materials are Heavy and Increase Installation Time

Establishment Can Be Tedious; Improper Installation Can Clog Gutters

EDPM elastic membrane rooftops (“EPDM” means “ethylene propylene diene monomer”) are another normal level rooftop choice that function admirably for huge, level roofs. This material is a genuine adaptable elastic that can be introduced in various manners. The most customary establishment techniques incorporate utilizing clasp to precisely secure it, ballasting it with stone, or utilizing cement. They come in wide moves that should be carried out with the most extreme exactness and care to stay away from air bubbles and other underlying deformities.

EDPM material frameworks give a wide scope of advantages, including higher strength, UV harm obstruction, and considerably more. Land owners likewise respect the simplicity of establishment and lower routine support needs, just as, its protection from normal mileage like scrapes and scratches. As far as cost, the aggregate sum will shift contingent upon the extraordinary components and condition of your property. By and large, you can expect EDPM elastic material to cost anyplace somewhere in the range of $4.00 and $7.00 per square foot introduced.


Low Maintenance and Easy to Patch Up Water Leaks

Impervious to Water Leaks and Surface Blemishes Like Scuffs and Tears

Can Last Up to 20 Years or More With Good Care

Renders a Clean, Uniform Look


Assimilates a Large Amount of Heat, Making a Reflective Top Coating a Necessary

Reflective White Top Coating is an Additional Cost to Procurement and Installation

Abundance Heat Absorption Can Increase Energy Costs by 30% or More

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