Essential system

Vertical channel press, otherwise called a full strolling material programmed channel press or vertical channel press, showed up during the 1960s in the previous Soviet Union and was subsequently made in Germany, Finland, the United States and different nations, and is generally utilized in the filtration of nickel concentrates, zinc oxide leachate, maturation, starch, antacid slag, zeolite, copper concentrates and different items.

Essential system
The essential system and working course of the upward channel press at home and abroad are comparable. The essential construction basically comprises of the upper tension plate, lower pressure plate, channel plate bunch, cylinder bar, water powered chamber, water powered valve, edge and control cupboard.

Working standard
There are six cycles in the long program-controlled working method of the upward channel press: filtration: siphoning in the material suspension; essential stomach crushing: pressing and shaping the channel cake; channel cake washing: washing the channel with water; auxiliary stomach pressing: crushing the channel cake once more; channel cake blowing dry: high strain wind blowing dry, removing a limited quantity of water; channel cake release and channel fabric washing: dropping the channel cake on the two sides, releasing the material and washing the channel material simultaneously.

The short program controlled working mode has four cycles: filtration, stomach pressing, cake blowing, cake release and material washing.

① Filtration When the channel outline is shut, the slurry enters each channel chamber at the same time through the slurry tube. The filtrate enters the filtrate chamber through the channel material, then, at that point, enters the filtrate hose lastly arrives at the filtrate tube.

② Primary stomach crushing High-pressure water enters over the stomach through the high-pressure water hose. The stomach presses the channel cake towards the outer layer of the channel fabric, accordingly extracting the filtrate from the channel cake.

The washing fluid is siphoned to the channel chamber through a automatic filter press similar way as the slurry; as the fluid fills the chamber, the stomach is lifted and the water is pressed out over the stomach. The washing alcohol goes through the channel cake and channel material and afterward streams into the release pipe.

The washing alcohol left in the channel chamber after the washing stage is crushed out utilizing the strategy depicted in the second stage above.

⑤ Cake drying The last drying of the channel cake is finished by packed air. The air entering through the dissemination tube fills the channel chamber, lifts the stomach and permits the high strain water on the stomach to deplete out of the channel. The wind stream through the channel cake diminishes the dampness content to a superior level while discharging the filtrate chamber.

At the point when the drying system is finished, the plate and casing gathering opens, the channel fabric drive instrument starts to work and the channel cake is released from the two sides of the channel press.

1) Short taking care of time

Each chamber is slurry-filled separately, guaranteeing that all chambers are taken care of at the same time, the channel plate is equally anxious, the slurry fills the chambers in a brief time frame and the filtration speed is obviously superior to that of a quick opening channel press with focal taking care of.

(2) Fully programmed activity

The gear incorporates the elements of filtration, channel cake washing, expulsion, air drying, programmed release and programmed cleaning of the channel fabric, and so forth It embraces PLC programmable regulator and sign control gadgets set at each control point of the channel press to guarantee that the channel press can securely and dependably acknowledge programmed shut circuit cycle work and programmed activity without manual mediation, which diminishes the work force of laborers.

(3) Low dampness content of channel cake

High-pressure stomach expulsion + high-pressure breeze blowing drying is taken on to enormously lessen the dampness of the channel cake.

(4) High result

The channel plate is put evenly and each channel plate is taken care of separately and rapidly, bringing about quick taking care of and high result.

(5) Filter fabric recovery

Furnished with programmed channel material washing gadget, washing the channel fabric with clean water on the two sides.

(6) Operation boundaries can be changed whenever

The electric control bureau takes on touch screen to show the constant screen and information of every activity of the channel press, which can be changed whenever as per the difference in the functioning condition nearby.

(7) High fixing strain of channel plate, no slurry splashing

High-pressure oil chamber squeezing and programmed pressure-holding can guarantee that the channel press is dependably fixed under 1.6Mpa stomach press pressure.

(8) Environmental security

Filtrate and high tension breeze are released as dull stream, which diminishes the contamination to the working climate.

(9) Durable

The entire machine embraces a four-section outline structure and a full steel channel plate, which makes the hardware tough.

(10) Save a ton of HR

There is no requirement for staff to monitor the site or one individual to watch numerous verticals during typical creation.