Fiber channel fabric merry go round channel definite

 Fiber channel fabric merry go round channel is one of the most developed channels on the planet, and the innovation has been taken on in numerous wastewater plants all over the planet. The channel material rotating channel has great treatment impact, great water quality, stable water quality, dependable hardware activity and high robotization. It is the ideal hardware of decision for water reuse process filtration frameworks.

The fiber channel material rotating channel is essentially utilized for cooling flowing water treatment and reuse of waste water after profound treatment. As cooling water, flowing water filtration after reuse: influent water quality SS ≤ 80mg/L underneath, gushing water quality SS ≤ 10mg/L. Utilized for profound treatment of wastewater, set after traditional enacted slop technique, deferred air circulation strategy, SBR framework, oxidation ditch framework, streaming channel lake framework, oxidation lake framework, can be utilized in the accompanying regions: ① Remove complete suspended solids ② Combined with the expansion of synthetics can eliminate phosphorus ③ Can eliminate weighty metals, and so on

Plan boundaries of the fiber turning channel

Thing Technical boundaries

Channel type Filter fabric microfiltration

Distance across of channel plate approx. DN2000mm

Channel fabric network distance across ≤10 microns

Channel fabric material Fiber channel fabric

Successful filtration region 5.2 m2 (single circle)

Water quality before filtration Secondary treatment emanating

Delta water quality SS ≤ 30mg/l (prompt pinnacle 80mg/l)

Release water quality SS≤5mg/l, turbidity≤2NTU Note: When the delta water SS≥50mg/l, the filtration productivity of suspended matter is 70%

Four, the design of fiber revolving channel tank

Fiber turning channel tank is basically made out of (1) box, (2) channel circle, (3) discharging instrument, (4) mud release component, (5) focal line, (6) driving system, (7) electrical control, (8) siphon and valve system.

1、Box body: carbon steel welded, interior with imported enemy of consumption paint, outer with Baotashan epoxy zinc-rich enemy of erosion paint treatment, box body structure is minimized, light weight, little impression. The sub box can change the size of the water level drop.

2、Filter plate: Each channel plate comprises of 6 autonomous pieces covered with channel fabric and sponsorship. The profundity of the channel hairs

to store caught particles and diminish head misfortune during typical activity. Each channel material channel plate has a successful lowered filtration area of at minimum 5.2m2 (53.8 sq ft) and is effectively taken out from the unit.

3. Discharging component : Consists of discharging pull port, channeling, discharging attractions port help parts, and so on It is utilized for discharging of the channel material.

4、Discharge component: Composed of release pull port, pipeline, support parts for release attractions port, and so on Used to clean the ooze at the lower part of the channel tank.

5、Central cylinder: The water streams into the optional tank through the empty cylinder after treatment. The empty cylinder would both vehicle the water and drive the channel be able to plate to turn.

6, drive component: by the minimizer, sprocket, chain, and so on, used to drive the focal cylinder and channel circle revolution.

7、Electrical framework: It is made out of electric control box, PLC, contact screen, fluid level checking and other electric control parts, which is utilized to control the discharging and mud releasing cycle and make its activity programmed, and can change the discharging time period mud releasing timespan.

8, siphon, valve component: by the radiating siphon, pipeline, electric ball valve creation, utilized for discharging and mud release.

Five, fiber rotating channel tank process activity mode

The working states of the fiber turning channel tank include: static filtration process, negative tension discharging interaction and mud release process.

(1) Static filtration process: the gravity stream of sewage enters the channel tank, which is furnished with puzzle energy scattering offices. The emanating is separated through the channel material and the filtrate is gathered through an empty line and released from the channel tank by gravity move through the flood tank. The entire cycle is constant.

(2) The negative tension counter level ascents progressively. The water level in the tank is distinguished by a tension estimating and checking gadget. At the point when the water level arrives at the discharge setting (high water level), the PLC can begin the counter-attractions siphon and start the discharge interaction. During discharging, the channel tank can be separated ceaselessly.

During filtration, the channel plates are static,china filter cloth manufacturer  which works with the base statement of slop. During discharging, the channel circles turn at 1 rpm. The water in the channel circle is siphoned simultaneously. The water cleans the channel fabric from the back to front and releases the discharged water. The siphoning region represents just 1% of the complete channel circle region. The discharging system is irregular.

(3) Mud release process: the channel circle of the fiber rotating channel tank is furnished with a can formed base, which is helpful for the assortment of slop at the lower part of the tank. Ooze testimony at the lower part of the pool lessens how much ooze on the channel fabric, which can expand the filtration time and diminish how much discharging water. After a set timeframe, the PLC begins the ooze release siphon and the slop is gotten back to the sewage pre-treatment structure through the ooze release pipeline at the lower part of the tank.

6th, the electric control arrangement of the fiber turning channel tank

  1. The electric control framework involves an advanced programmable regulator PLC as the center of the program control framework. The discharging of the channel fabric and the release of the muck are controlled naturally. The center parts of the electronic control framework are the S7200 series programming regulator and contact screen created by Siemens of Germany. The primary parts are top notch items from Schneider, with dependable quality, superb execution, solid capacity to adjust to the climate and great enemy of obstruction execution, which is the best control framework for water treatment hardware. 2, the framework is outfitted with manual and programmed two different ways: programmed mode, the administrator as indicated by the need to change the discharging timespan, gear can be as per the PLC pre-set program (as per time, fluid level control) to work; manual mode is just utilized in the hardware charging or upkeep, to accomplish manual control of the valve, siphon, channel plate engine, and can work the relating a key to finish the discharging capacity before closure or pool cleaning capacity or The stoppage liquid catalyst work. 3、The S7200 can be furnished with an Ethernet or DP interface correspondence module as indicated by the client’s prerequisites, which can understand the information transmission with the primary plant station. 4、Manual and programmed mode choice, boundary setting, status sign and key activity are totally done on the touch screen; select from the underlying connection point to enter the relating point of interaction and snap the comparing key to finish the comparing activity work. 5、The touch screen framework has a shortcoming caution brief capacity; the valve opening and shutting isn’t set up discovery, the siphon and channel plate engine over-current, over-burden identification, when there is an issue contact screen show issue data and produce sound and light alert.

Seven, what is the contrast between the fiber rotating channel tank and customary channel tank

(1) The water quality is great and stable. Fiber rotating channel tank is utilized to supplant the sand channel media of the traditional channel tank by a channel plate covered with channel material, which has a little pore size and can hold small particles with a molecule size of a few microns (μm), so the water quality and security of the emanating are superior to that of the granular channel tank. The water quality and dependability of the emanating is superior to that of a granular channel, while the water nature of a customary channel is less fortunate because of entrance issues prior to flushing, and the leftover cleaning water in the channel layer will affect the gushing in the wake of flushing. Moreover, how much water separated additionally changes with the difference in obstruction.

(2) Novel plan and effect load obstruction. The fiber rotating channel tank is identical to a blend of a channel tank and a sedimentation tank, with the capacity of mud release. The huge particles of slop settle straightforwardly to the lower part of the can molded tank and don't stop up the channel material, for example dissimilar to common channel tanks: all suspended matter (SS) should be separated through the channel material. Along these lines the filtration cycle is long, the cleaning stretch is long, and the water driven burden and slime load that can be endured is a lot more noteworthy than that of a regular sand channel tank, the suspended matter (SS) load is identical to 1.5 occasions that of a conventional sand channel tank, and the filtration speed is half higher than that of a normal channel tank. In this manner, the fiber rotating channel tank is more impervious to the effect of high suspended matter fixation and huge suspended particles.

(3) Simple and minimized hardware, less subordinate gear, low interest in the whole filtration framework. The fiber rotating channel tank can be persistently separated during cleaning. To guarantee nonstop filtration, it is important to set up a transitional stockpiling tank before the sand channel tank or utilize different channel tanks to work on the other hand. The fiber revolving channel tank utilizes a little siphon to siphon the separated water under regrettable tension for programmed cleaning, killing the requirement for some, customary channel tanks, for example, discharging pools and water towers. Because of the great discharging force of the customary channel tank, the air-water discharge requires powerful siphons and blowers, yet additionally two arrangements of bigger width line and valve frameworks for air and water. The entire framework is diverse and muddled, with high venture. The programmed control framework is incredibly huge and complex.

   (4) The gear inactive rate is low and the complete introduced power is low. As the channel fabric is slim, it is exceptionally simple to wash spotless and the cleaning is extremely productive. When cleaning, the region of the cleaning channel circle is simply comparable to 1% of the entire channel plate region. Cleaning is described by regular however short cleaning times (1 time/60-120 minutes, 1 moment/time). The general cleaning volume is likewise less. Interestingly, the conventional channel tank has greater hardware for gas and water discharging siphons and blowers, enormous and numerous programmed valves, high power and high inactive rate.

    (5) Operation is mechanized, subsequently activity and upkeep are basic and simple. The filtration cycle is constrained by PC, and the timespan interaction length of the negative tension siphoning and cleaning process and the mud release cycle can be changed. Fundamentally, it doesn't need devoted support the executives.

    Low upkeep of the fiber plate channel. Fiber merry go round channel tank less mechanical gear, siphons and engines discontinuous activity, less mileage of the channel material, the channel fabric is not difficult to supplant, if for reasons unknown brought about by the channel material blockage, can undoubtedly supplant the channel fabric. For sand channels, in the event that the channel media is stopped up, a huge cleaning exertion is required. What's more sand filtration is undeniably challenging to supplant the channel media.

    (6) The head misfortune is a lot more modest than that of a sand channel. Fiber rotational channel tank is for the most part 0.2m, while the head loss of sand channel tank is by and large more than 2m. The head loss of the sand channel tank is higher than 5m, with a huge energy misfortune and expanded working expenses.

    (7) The impression is a lot more modest than other channel tanks. Because of the upward empty cylinder plan of the channel plate, so a little impression can guarantee a huge separating region, accordingly lessening the pool limit, decreasing how much materials and earthwork, altogether diminishing the expense of the undertaking. The day by day treatment of 10,000 tons of channel pool, covers a region of something like 20 square meters, the tallness of 3.3 m. For specialized change, can settle the hardships of lacking space.

    (8) The fiber revolving channel tank is simpler to introduce than the granular channel tank. Subsequent to interfacing pipe fittings and electrical hardware on location, it tends to be placed into utilization. Granular channel cells, then again, regularly require the establishment of channel media.

    (9) Short plan and development cycles. Fiber merry go round channel tank in general gear, can be transported overall, plan and development is helpful and quick; and extension is simple.

    (10) low necessities for the base perseverance, the interest in gear establishments is low.