Non-standard Special Bearing

cap is to say, non-standard bearings are, as a rule, bearings that don’t adjust to the outside measurements recommended by the public guidelines, that is, all bearings whose outer measurements are not quite the same as the public principles.

Its primary attributes are: low level of flexibility, generally for exceptional hardware and uncommon event applications, little clusters, and the majority of the recently evolved gear preliminary items; but since of its non-scale and bunch creation, there are relatively few creation undertakings and significant expenses , The cost is more costly.

Non-standard bearings are non-standard non-standard bearings, which are created by client necessities.


Surface cleaning strategy:

  1. Surface cleaning: The cleaning strategy should be chosen by the idea of the outside of the counter rust item and the conditions around then. Normally utilized dissolvable cleaning technique, substance treatment cleaning strategy and mechanical cleaning strategy.
  2. After the surface is dried and cleaned, it tends to be dried with separated dry compacted air, or dried with a dryer at 120 ~ 170 ℃, or cleaned dry with clean dressing.

Technique for applying hostile to rust oil:

  1. Submersion technique: Some little things are inundated in enemy of rust oil, so a layer of against rust non-standard bearings oil is clung to the surface. The thickness of the oil film can be accomplished by controlling the temperature or consistency of the counter rust oil.
  2. The brushing technique is utilized for open air development gear or exceptional formed items that are not appropriate for drenching or splashing. When brushing, it is important to focus not to develop, but rather likewise to forestall missing covering.
  3. Showering strategy Some enormous rust-evidence materials can not be oiled by the inundation technique. By and large, separated packed air with a pressing factor of about 0.7Mpa is utilized for splashing in a perfect air place. The shower strategy is reasonable for dissolvable weakened enemy of rust oil or slim layer against rust oil, however should receive wonderful fire anticipation and work assurance measures.