PP Spunmelt Machine

Tongli Micro-Nano High Voltage Electrostatic Spinning Machine TL-Pro-BM, equipped with positive and negative high voltage power supply; insulated interior, clean spinning chamber; equipped with various nozzle systems such as single nozzle, multiple nozzle, coaxial nozzle, side by side nozzle, V-shaped nozzle; equipped with different winders such as flat plate winder, X-Y motion platform, drum winder, rotating parallel electrode winder, fine shaft winder, disc winder; nozzle and The four-channel micro-pump can be independently controlled to meet different experimental needs and to prepare a wide range of nanofibres. The motion of the nozzle and the winder is controlled by a touch screen with adjustable parameters.

  1. High voltage power supply:
    0~50KV, digital display, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, output power less than 25W.
    Negative high voltage: 0 to -20KV, digital display, over-current protection, over-voltage protection. (Optional 0~-50KV for conjugate spinning)
  • 2. 4-channel metering pump with built-in/external dosing:
    Continuous metering pump. Easy to use, digital display. Flow rate, injection volume, and injection time can be precisely controlled. *The 4 channels can be controlled independently to set different propulsion speeds. Can be used with a wide range of syringe sizes. The metering pump can automatically detect various syringe sizes of conventional brands.
  1. Rotary retractor, *speed 1 to 5000rpm, precisely adjustable over a wide range from ultra-low to ultra-high speed, speed error +/- 1rpm.
    3.1 Cage reel with 110mm diameter, a rotating parallel electrode reel for collecting highly oriented fibrils.
    3.2 Fine shaft retractor, designed for use with artificial blood vessels. Includes a variety of fine shafts of various sizes and diameters, which can be used interchangeably. Length 250 mm, diameters 2 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm, etc., optional.
    3.3 Cylindrical winder, 100 mm diameter, 2 sets of 250 mm and 50 mm diameter, interchangeable.
    3.4 Disc winder (diameter 140 mm, sharp edges, bevelled edges), 1 set; thickness of the discs can be customised.
  2. Flat reel (with supporting frame, adjustable angle), 1pc. PP Spunmelt Machine Optimum take-up angle: 45˚ to the nozzle. 5.
  3. High pressure clamps for nozzles, special clamps and holders for each type of nozzle. Each type of printhead has a special set of insulating clamps. The position and angle of the nozzle can be adjusted at will.
  4. Operating light (the spinning process can be clearly observed with the naked eye).
  5. Single nozzle. The nozzles are made from medical needles and can be replaced with different diameters. The unit contains 100 needles of various diameters to meet your experimental requirements.
  6. Multi-jet system.
    8.1. Linear multi-spray nozzles: choose from linear 5-spray nozzles, 9-spray nozzles, or 10-spray nozzles.
    8.2. V-shaped 4-nozzle system: 2 sets of twin nozzles on each side of the rotating take-up unit, with carefully arranged needle shapes and distances to ensure a very uniform fibre film.
  7. Coaxial nozzle system. Both inner and outer layers can be combined and replaced at will, allowing the configuration of a wide range of coaxial nozzles in different combinations of sizes. The unit contains 6 different combinations of inner and outer nozzles of different sizes. Note: With different needle diameters and length differences, the coaxial nozzles can also be used as airflow assisted nozzles, either as an inner airflow or as an outer airflow.
  8. Three-layer coaxial nozzle system, the inner, middle and outer nozzles can be freely combined in size and can be replaced with different needles.
  9. parallel nozzle system. 2 channels independently controlled, can spin out different compositions of composite fibre film.
  10. Heating device. Can be heated to room temperature ~ 80 degrees. Heater external, more uniform heating.
  11. Nozzle can be adjusted up and down, left and right, front and back, and the spraying angle can be adjusted 360 degrees.
  12. Safety system: emergency button; open door power-off device; electrostatic elimination device.
  13. exhaust fan. (external exhaust gas pipe, which can be connected to the fume hood to discharge the evaporated solvent)
  14. Syringes: 100. Needles: 100. PTFE hose + PP coupling set: 30. Reusable PEEK couplings + PTFE hose 30M, free cut.
  15. Nozzle movement device, uniform reciprocating speed that can be set. Digital display, stepless speed adjustment.
  16. X-Y moving platform: carries the flat take-up in a set trajectory. Customised parameters are available for near-field spinning.
  17. PE insulating plate inlaid on the inner wall of the box.
  18. Equipped with micro electrospinning nozzles. (tubeless spinneret)
  19. Warranty: 3 years

Differences between TL-Pro-BM and TL-Pro

  1. increase in size of the cage spinneret.
  2. the addition of a graduated scale on the holder to have the possibility of recording the position of the spinneret each time.
  3. the addition of an automatic cleaning device for the CNC spout.
  4. the addition of a timer function.
    5 . 5. automatic acceleration and deceleration of the nozzle scanning.
  5. an external heater to reduce internal dust collection areas
  6. the adoption of multi-point temperature and humidity collection device
  7. the use of imported touch screen control system.
  8. the roller material is 304 stainless steel and the length is increased to 300mm.
  9. numerically controlled sliding table.
  10. hidden photoelectric switch.
  11. large suction and exhaust system.
  12. 6 spindles for different diameters of blood vessels are added.
  13. the addition of an X-Y moving platform for carrying the flat plate retractors. (Added after 1 May 2015, price increased at the same time)