Diamond Polishing Pads

They may be used on granite, marble, engineered stone, porcelain, and quartz. Dry diamond polishing pads are an excellent choice for polishing natural stone. While there is some mild dust, the lack of water for cooling the pad and stone surface makes for easier clean up. Our high quality dry pads will give the same great results and high polish as wet pads, however allow more time to get the job done than if you were using wet pads. Never use dry pads on engineered stone as the heat generated can melt the resin. You can purchase STADEA diamond tools online at Shop N Save Mart, Amazon and eBay at very competitive price. For distribution and retail, contact us at Despite high quality of STADEA tools, our mission of constant improvement and bulk volume helps keeping the prices very competitive. Our wet diamond polishing pads are made with top quality diamonds and resin. They are designed for polishing granite, marble, engineered stone and green concrete. Are you spending your valuable time finding the best deep discount deals on professional 5 Inch dry diamond polishing pads and other diamond tools?

This haze is caused by the small lines that were left at the 200-grit step. Spend more time with the 200-grit pad than any other pad. Make sure no milky water is being generated by the 200-grit pad before you go on to the 400-grit pad. Repeat the same process and then the same with the and 3000-grit pads. It usually takes 7 steps to fulfill a stone polishing job in most cases, at least 5 steps are required in some occasions. Now we’ve made innovative 3-Step Diamond Polishing Pads to fulfill the polishing jobs. They are designed for use on jobs without using water, but polishing with a small amount of water to wet the object surface will ultimately reach a better result. Superabrasive’s Nato resin pucks are a great tool choice for both soft and hard concrete polishing applications. They are among the thickest diamond pads on the market – featuring a thick 12mm layer of resin and diamonds for extra long life. However, they provide remarkable gloss results on GRANITE when used wet.

Our Mad Max 5″ Dry Polishing Pad delivers high performance polishing on granite countertops and marble. Optimal polishing speed is around 3,000 RPM for most granite countertops. Engineered stone polishing may best work at a lower 2,000 RPM. Do not run on high-speed machines that run above 4,000 RPM. Superabrasive’s 3N-HP pads are an ideal solution for concrete countertop professionals. Suitable for work on concrete, natural stone and screed products. The Quick Change style pads are attached directly to the grinding heads of your LAVINA concrete grinder, without the need to use foam plates. Viper Aluminum Back-Up Pads are ideal for polishing flat edges, the surface of the stone, and seams. Viper® Flexible Back-Up Pads can be used with wet or dry pads.

You will also find blades with different thicknesses and number of teeth which I explain in detail later. For now, understand that a fine blade will have a large number of small-sized teeth. Conversely, a rough blade will have less number of larger sized teeth that enable it to cut through the material much faster. If all the rim has worn off, then sharpening isn’t going to do any good – you need a new blade. If you can see some rim, you simply position the dressing stone in front of the blade and adjust the height of the cutting head so that the blade’s rim is just barely covered by the stone. With the basic concepts of how to sharpen diamond blades covered, we are now pointing at what should you exactly do in order to sharpen your diamond saw blades step by step.

If you’re really in a pinch, some people use a cinder block as a makeshift dressing stone. How to sharpen the carbide saw blade correctly is related to the sharpness and service life of carbide saw blade. Therefore, it is important to choose suitable diamond grinding wheels for sharpening carbide saw blades except for technology. The diamond crystal grits used are manufactured or synthetic as opposed to natural diamonds. Artificial diamond grits are preferred over natural diamond grits since key characteristics like grit shape, size, strength and hardness can be exactly controlled during the manufacturing procedure. The ability to control the key characteristics of the synthetic diamond grits allows for accurate prediction of cutting speed, sharpness and blade life as well as consistent repeatability. Along with the ceramic saw blades we offer another bridge saw blade designed for cutting very hard sintered materials. The DEKTON® bridge saw blade is engineered to cut Ultracompact surfaces. Tenax has been working to develop a diamond saw blade designed for working with popular materials. In fact we already offer blades for multiple types of hard materials including sintered materials, and ultra-compact surfaces.

Dry blades usually have a slightly softer bond to allow easier cutting without water to cool and lubricate the cut. That is why most diamond blades utilize water to dissipate heat and increase the longevity of the blade. Additionally, the water helps keeps the dangerous dust that, when cutting concrete, contains silica. OSHA has numerous regulations restricting the amount of dust created when cutting. Unlike most other blades, diamond blades don’t cut the material. Instead, they use friction created between the diamond-bonding matrix and the material being cut to work like a grinding wheel. Metal Bond – The diamond crystals are held in place by a formulated mixture of various metals which determine the rate at which the diamond crystals are exposed. A harder bond reduces diamond erosion, which is designed for softer applications like green concrete or asphalt. A softer bond increases diamond erosion and is better suited for harder material such as granite or cured concrete. U.S.SAWS Blades are made with the highest diamond content available to cut faster and last longer.

These Fickert polishing bricks are designed for aggressive & high working efficiency, and are used in bed polishers with oscillating head, automatic polishers and slab line polishers. Our Fickert polishing bricks are also suitable for polishing tile floors to give the finest luster and superior polished surface. These high quality polishing bricks provide long life and to give the stone a quality finish. We offer unmatched service and knowledge in the stone cutting industry and are committed to customer satisfaction, loyalty and integrity. Silver brazed and laser welded diamond blades do not have this weakness because their diamond segments and steel core are treated separately. Sintered metal-bonded diamond blades are the most common type of blade. These blades consist of a steel core and diamond segments, which are made by combining synthetic diamond crystals with metal powder and then sintering them. The diamond segments are also known as the “cutting teeth” of the blade. Refer to the Ordering chart below to find the ideal diamond blade or CBN blade for your material and end application.

BLACK blades are sintered and have more diamond for the tougher work needed in cutting dense material like agate. SILVER blades have a notched construction on a thin core for cutting more precious material. Super Slicer blades are a great replacement for Pro-Slicer blades. The 4″ and 6″ sizes can be used with water coolant on most stones. For slabbing, trimming agates and jaspers, or other heavy cutting jobs, you should use an oil-based coolant. Oil provides better cooling properties, which will give you longer blade life. The optimum RPM for 4″ Super thin blades is 4000 RPM and 6″ blades is 2650 RPM.