the process press equipments for sale

Right here we’re going to present you a few of the process equipments for sale that featured by our reliable suppliers and manufacturers, corresponding to Electric Screw Press and Double Disc Friction Screw Press. Motor and power control system. 2. The friction press is operated manually by employees, with nice labor intensity, troublesome to manage forgings quality, very depend on employee’s experience.

Some other forms of presses are vapor-tight presses, and twin-screw presses. Indeed, it’s attainable to test the descent and rise pace at any second, to have direct feedback in regards to the manufacturing of the machine and to calculate the required tonnage for the hot forging of parts you want to produce.

three. The pinions 23 are mounted in bearing blocks 24 that are supported by a platform 25 which surrounds the higher cross member three of the press body 1. Every pinion 23 is pushed by two axial piston motors, an axial piston motor 26o disposed above the pinion and an axial piston motor 26u disposed beneath the pinion 23. The width of the toothed rim 22 is such that during the full stroke of the spindle 9 executed by the toothed rim 22 the pinions 23 are at all times in complete engagement with the exterior toothing of the rim 22.

2. Idiot-model operation, no need of skilled press machine operator. Twin screw presses function two overlapping compression screws. The picture exhibits excellent feature utility of the screw press on scorching pressing of Magnesium skinny sheet to carry out backward extrusion and boss forming.

This entire system greatly reduces the wear and tear and tear of the parts and extends the machine service life by two times then frequent type press. In case of hydraulic press, forming is unsuccessful without large scale of capability and urgent time getting longer, and there are defects of material temperature reducing and brief life time of software.

AC servo numerical management electrical fly press of the present invention, the sort of drive is straightforward, and maintenance workload could be very little, and labor savings and maintenance price are handy to maintenance and restore.Due to this fact, easy to upkeep.

The strike pace is 2 occasions faster than that of extraordinary electrical press. The best oil extraction ratio (OER) of 17.ninety% and oil extraction efficiency (OEE) of 79.fifty six% have been obtained at the sterilization time of 60 min, digestion time of 10 min and screw speed of 10 rpm.

This solution, besides being quite simple from a constructive standpoint, makes the motor-flywheel group extraordinarily insensitive to the vibrations and to the strong decelerations it is subjected to for the kind of operation that the press is required to carry out.

Specific embodiment AC servo numerical management electrical of the current invention fly press; Comprise frame 1, the vertical AC servo numerical control electric machine 2 that is put in on the housiung separator is by the flywheel 3 of AC servo numerical management electric machine driving; Be installed within the screw rod 4 on the flywheel; By means of the slide block 5 that screw pair drives, be put in within the compensating cylinder 6 that is used to promote the slide block backhaul on the body by screw rod, be put in within the brake 7 that the housiung separator high is used to brake flywheel.